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Pocket Wedding Invitations

Slip into the Smart and Stylish World of Pocket Invitations

Pocket invitations are one of the most stylish and convenient ways to send your wedding invitations. They are becoming increasingly popular for their unique and attractive appearances as well as versatility and convenience. There are two types of pocket invitations at BWeddingInvitations: Attached Pocket type and Slip-into-Pocket type.

Attached Pocket style is also known as the ‘pocket folds’. It starts with a single invitation card attached to the center panel of a jacket that has a pocket on one side to hold enclosures.

Enclosures are usually designed precisely to match the invitation card and the jacket style. The pocket can hold any or all of the following: response card, response envelope, reception card, direction card, and accommodation card.

Most of our attached style pocket invitations are finished with a bow or a band with a seal.

Some people worry about the complicated assembly of pocket invitations as many companies send individual cards and jackets for the customers to put together, or charge high rates for assembly. At BWeddingInvitations, all assembly is done by professionals in our production room so that our customers won’t have to do any work, and it is a service we provide without any hidden cost.

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  • Slip-into-Pocket style is the kind that a flat invitation slips into a premade pocket.
    Most of our premade pockets involve exquisite designs which require delicate and elaborate handiwork.
    For the slip-into-pocket invitation, an enclosure holder is provided.

    Free Assembly includes

    Attachment of the invitation card to the jacket
    Up to four matching enclosures and a response envelope placed in the pocket
    Pre-assembled band and seal

Envelopes for the pocket invitations

Although the jacket appears like a wrap or a cover for the invitation set, the pocket invitation still needs an envelope.
Traditional double envelopes, however, make them too big and thick. Thus, we consider the jacket as the inner envelope and provide a single outer envelope for the pocket invitation.

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