Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019

Hot Stamp Foiling
Metallic foiled invitations continue to be popular, with a higher demand for copper foiling as the new popular colour, followed by gold, rose gold and silver.

Interlocking Monogram

Nature Inspired
As 2019 weddings focus on bringing the outdoors in with their wedding styling, there will also be an emphasis of bringing nature to their invitations. This will include (but not limited to) wreath designs.

Nature inspired

Watercolor artwork on invitations adds a soft, personal and delicate touch. Watercolor invitations are perfect for romantic and ethereal style weddings.


Ribbed and Deckle Edges
Adding unique texture and shape to the edges of your invitation, instead of the generic straight lines. This style pairs breathtakingly well with beautiful calligraphy.  This special finish sets the mood of the wedding away from the modern & contemporary wedding and instead exudes an elegant and romantic vintage vibe.

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Interlocking Monograms and Monogram Wreaths are back! This is the year to bring a touch of classic and traditional elements to your theme. Using the initials of the couple within the monogram, it is the perfect way to add a special personalised touch to the invitations.


Custom Envelope Designs
This is the year of customized envelopes. Forget white standard designs. In 2019, you will find coloured envelopes designed to match the invitations and wedding theme. There will also be an emphasis on envelope liners, including coloured, illustrated or glittery lining.


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